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Must-have bookmarks for everyone living in New Zealand:

  • TradeMe: New Zealand’s Ebay that is used to sell about everything – private and professional. From knitting needles to cars and houses.
  • MetService: Meteorological service. Unfortunately it’s not the most exact when it comes to forecasts, but the weather warnings are very helpful.
  • GeoNet: Almost every day there is a quake somewhere in New Zealand, even if you can’t notice most of the time. GeoNet shows in real-time where and how strong earthquakes have been.
  • Department of Conservation: The DOC manages most of the walking tracks and huts, and cares about all sorts of nature things.
  • Stuff and NZHerald: The two biggest news portals in the country. But don’t expect too much of quality writing from them.
  • Facebook: Sounds strange, but New Zealanders are usually incredibly well connected. Especially via “Buy and sell” Facebook groups, where you often find half of a town’s population.


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