How much does all the fun cost?

“There is no way we could afford that!” many people told us. But a family adventure year in New Zealand isn’t as expensive as you may think. After all, you can’t live for free im your home country either, right?

Let’s try to set up a rough sample budget for a whole year:

  • Flight: ~NZD2000 per person. No way to save that, sorry. 😉
  • Visa: NZD300-1200, depending on the length of your stay and the complexity. Visa fees are fixed, but the adviser costs may be saved up to a certain level.
  • Car: NZD1500+, depending on your requirements. Difference between purchase and selling price, but most likely less than what you are used to pay in Europe or the US. Insurance is cheap, fees are low.
  • Rental house: 2-3 bedrooms fully furnished, good quality: ~NZD23,000. It’s usually easy to compensate for those costs by renting out your own home.
  • Power/heating/Internet: ~NZD3000. Standard is electrical heating via heat pump.
  • Travel insurance: ~NZD1000. Completely replaces the health insurance that you usually have to give away a huge portion of your wages for, at least in Central Europe.
  • Eating and fuel: ~NZD16,000+. But you shouldn’t calculate this as part of your budget actually, because you always have to pay for that, no matter where, so it’s a zero-sum thing. Dining out (including fast food) is quite expensive compared to cooking at home.

In total: If you leave all your things at home un-used, the total costs for 4 people are quite high, about NZD54,000.

But if you optimize it by renting out your own home and if you only calculate the net costs on top of living at home, your total budget will only be around NZD12,000 for a whole year.

To be clear about that: There are no upper limits. Luxury accomodation and cars, as well as dining out every day, may easily multiply your budget.


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