6. Find a house-sitter for your home

You can partly finance your ‘year’ by renting out your house or appartment in your home country. Don’t let it sit empty for a year, it would be wasting available resources.

Online portals like homeaway.com will help you finding tenants for various lengths of stay. You can call yourself lucky if you’re living in a touristic region. Offer your home one a weekly or monthly base to tourists and you may be able to fully finance your New Zealand rent by that.

Renting our a house or flat is a dangerous adventure at times. Tenants may damage your home or just make a huge mess. Make sure you always use a solid tenancy agreement and get advise from a renting law expert regarding potential issues getting misbehaving people out again.

Try to avoid bad tenants, aka "lemons"

Try to avoid bad tenants, aka “lemons”

Find someone to take care for your home while you’re away

Ideally you would have someone of your inner circle (family and friends) available to reliably check the state of your home in regular intervals. They would also need to organize someone to clean the property every time tenants/guests are changing. Reserve a reasonable budget for those repeating tasks.

Our tip: Organize in time

Once you have boarded the airplane it’s significantly more difficult to organize things remotely. Make sure you always have a plan B at hand if something goes wrong with tenants or your local ‘property mananger’.

Panning gold in Arrowtown probably won't pay for your trip!

Panning gold in Arrowtown probably won’t pay for your trip!

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