How to prepare your adventure

The following how-to guides are based on what we did to organize “our year” as good as possible in advance. The list is in chronological order, so you may use it as a checklist to work through the tasks.

This is how you can get to spend a year (or less/or more!) in New Zealand:

Before you start: How much does all the fun cost?

  1. Collect your favourite regions
  2. Find a good school for your children
  3. Get a visa with help of a registered adviser
  4. Find a cosy place to stay
  5. Book the shortest flight you can find
  6. Find a house-sitter for your home
  7. Buy a travel insurance, just in case
  8. Organize a car, or you won’t go anywhere
  9. Pack your stuff and get on that plane
  10. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the time of your life!
  11. (Tell us about your experience)
Family picture :)

Family picture 🙂

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