More than just a holiday: Live abroad for a whole year. We did it, and so can you!

Have you ever imagined how it would be, to leave all the stress of a modern lifestyle behind, and explore New Zealand in a sabbatical? You probably already know how beautiful our two islands in the Southern Pacific are, but there is so much more to experience and learn. Things that you usually don’t see when travelling along the tourist hotspots: The real everyday life.

Kiwi lifestyle is a bit different to what you most likely experience every day at home. The clocks are ticking a bit slower, the people are friendly, typically quite relaxed and mostly very tolerant.

Maybe it’s because of the climate? The 2,400 annual sunshine-hours in our Nelson/Tasman region are somewhat unique, even within New Zealand. Summers are long and not too hot, and in the winter time it barely freezes. The fact that our main highway in Motueka is a sort of no-exit road that only leads to small hippie-town Takaka over the hill in Golden Bay, probably adds another reason for our very strong community feeling here in Motueka, or simply “Mot”, as the locals often say.

We’re also surrounded by two amazing national parks, of which the Abel Tasman park with its amazing golden beaches is the more famous one. The larger Kahurangi park on the other hand provides endless ranges of native forest. Speaking about the bush: Feel free to walk them barefooted. There are no dangerous animals in New Zealand to expect at all, quite different to Australia, our nearest neighbour, which is home to about every life-threatening animals you can think of.

We are a family of four and decided to say good-bye to our home country Austria and spend a full year with our two little girls in Motueka. That was from 2012 to 2013. We found that getting information on how to do such a year in a foreign country was quite hard to get, so we decided to set up this website to help others to do what we did.

Today we’re living here permanently. So be aware, New Zealand can be addictive! 🙂

Our extended guide “How to prepare your adventure” shows you trough the required steps to make your dream come true.



Christian, Eva & the girls

Family whitewater-rafting at the shotover river near Queenstown

Family whitewater-rafting at the shotover river near Queenstown

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